Who is Brahma? He is a minotaur. A BIG minotaur--able to reach incredible heights due to the fact he is a macrotaur, which means normal furs are very, very tiny! Don't worry, though, as he does not go stomping around where there might be little furs that could get hurt.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to what everyone what's to see--pictures and stories! After all, Brahma is a writer, and he has lots of stories to tell. Too bad he can't even draw a stick figure, but them's the breaks!

  • Pictures: Interpretations of Brahma. Always a joy to behold! (Updated 7/20/04)
  • Stories: Stories that Brahma has written, why not take a moment to read a few? (Updated 7/20/04)
  • Links to sites Brahma enjoys, so maybe you will too! (Updated 7/20/04)

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